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“Even if I could work every day, 24 hours a day for months and I’d never catch up”

“If I could only clone myself – it would be so much better.”

“No one else can do what I do.”

You find yourself missing deadlines, or worse, unable to respond to new customers and opportunities are slipping through your fingers. If only sleep were optional! From the outside, everything seems to be going well, but you feel like you’re struggling as a leader and need more help. But sleep is NOT optional and just working more hours won’t move your company to the next level.

Tandem Leadership illustrates these problems and how to solve them through the fictional character of Marcus Kinsey, a newly minted entrepreneur of a fast growing company. Like many entrepreneurs, Marcus sees an opportunity and creates his own company to seize upon that opportunity. But not too far into his journey he realizes his vision and hard work alone will not make his company a success nor give him the life he sought as an owner. Marcus learns about the Tandem Leadership process and begins to carefully craft the business and personal life he had always hoped to achieve.


Tandem Leadership by Gina Catalano

The “second in command” or #2 position, often underrated, is a cornerstone to a company’s growth and success. Understanding how to add this key element to your company successfully increases the odds of making the transition from a solopreneur to a true CEO. In this book you’ll learn:

  • How trying to “do it all” is the quickest way to slow your growth.

  • Why it’s critical to know what skills and talents your company needs from you.

  • When it’s time to bring a true second in command onto your team.

  • Why your second in command should be a complement to your talents and skills – not your clone or your opposite.

  • The importance of leaving old habits behind when you add that new person to your team.

  • How a successful CEO and COO can work together to drive value and success for your company.