Praise for Tandem Leadership

Gina touches upon the critical and often overlooked key to an entrepreneur’s success: the person who runs with you, in the #2 position. She gives a clear and effective blueprint for structuring the relationship so everyone succeeds.
Pamela Slim, author, Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation


Tandem Leadership is destined to be an instant classic: a whip-smart business book wrapped up in a compelling story, putting it in the company of books like The One Minute Manager and Who Moved My Cheese? Gina Catalano takes a sticky subject – choosing the right second in command in your growing business as you transition from solopreneur to true CEO – and walks you through the process of crafting the business and personal life you have always wanted to achieve.

Sue Rasmussen, coach and international best-selling author of My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy: End Overwhelm, Do Less, and Accomplish More


They say the best things come in small packages and this is absolutely true with Tandem Leadership.  This entertaining management fable is a must read for entrepreneurs to prepare for the inevitable point when they can no longer be solely ‘the guy’ and need to add a strong #2 to continue on the path to realizing their vision.

James Walling, CFA, Founding Principal, Accretive Strategies Consulting Group


Having worked with a multitude of leaders and their teams, I know there is no more important relationship than between the CEO and his or her #2 person. Using an entertaining and relatable story, Tandem Leadership provides an excellent framework for anyone looking to make that relationship and their company a success. This an absolute must read for all CEO entrepreneurs who want breakthrough results!!!

Martha Borst, Master Executive Coach and best-selling author of Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You: The Eight Principles You Must Follow To Thrive in Life and Work


Sometimes being at the top can be very lonely in small business. The COO or “second in command” position is often overlooked but can be essential in freeing up the owner to do what they do best and a partner that provides support in the design process. This book shows how implementing a two-person leadership team can help a business reach its goals and improve its bottom line. 

Jay Miller, Principal/Creative Director, Imagehaus


Extremely well written, highlighting the importance of mentorship, and making the most efficient use of your time! A must read for any entrepreneur in the trenches of building a business!

Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS, Owner, Next Level Performance & Fitness Consulting


If you could ask 100 successful leaders the key to their success, chances are they will speak to the strength of their team.  Great leaders share responsibility and work.   Trusting your #2 allows a leader to focus on the horizon and look for what’s next.   As Catalano notes in her conclusion, “you don’t need to go it alone” and the best leaders never do.  Tandem Leadership puts forward the power of partnership and provides advice and insights for leveraging your #2. 

Jennifer McNelly, Executive Director, The Manufacturing Institute


While many visionary leaders recognize their need for a right-hand person with complimentary operational leadership skills, too many of these relationships flame out early.  In Tandem Leadership, Gina Catalano provides a how-to framework for the entrepreneurial and operational leaders to successfully build a business together.

Steve Straub, Dean of Manufacturing & Agriculture Technologies, Fox Valley Technical College


Tandem Leadership is a refreshing and compelling approach for business entrepreneurs that we need to bolster our team with additional business support e.g. a good #2.  As small business owners, invariably, we don’t know what we don’t know.  Being alone, not having the luxury of a stable, experienced team to call on can be daunting. Working 60-70 hours trying to be the head cook and bottle washer is not the answer to successfully moving your business forward and the result often is to second guess yourself.

Having spent 25+ years in the consulting business working with many small business owners, I know first-hand how hard it is to coach leaders to let go. Tandem Leadership is an easy read, written in a novel format allowing the reader to assimilate the characters in the story and relate to real world of problem solving.  Many years ago I read The Goal, a novel-based lean manufacturing book that really helped launch my journey in understanding the power of “Lean” and how it could be implemented in all organizations. Tandem Leadership could do the same for your leadership approach.

Nigel K. Moore, President/CEO, Total Wellness Strategies, LLC