Wherever You Are, You’re Already There

I was listening to satellite radio in my car on my way to my coworking space last week. A newly discovered artist (I can’t remember her name) with a big hit was being interviewed.

She said, “I started writing and playing songs for myself at home first. I think if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be as far as I am today.”

That line has stayed with me for over a week. Discovering who she was and what she wanted, made it easier for create her success.  

Many of my clients are either early stage (less than five years) or late stage (closing in on retirement or exiting their business). Ironically, the coaching and consulting is very similar – where do you want to be when you are finished with your business?

In the beginning, we are learning and trying so many things to determine what works and what does not. And somewhere in the middle of our business journey, I think, it is easy to get distracted, as much by our success as the disappointments.

What I have found, more than once, it is the rediscovery and recommitment to the “why” of our business that becomes the North Star, regardless of where we are at in our business journey.

That is why I think the quote above is so brilliant – if you ground yourself in the foundation of your talent or gifts and ideas (which most of our businesses revolve around), it can never leave you. No matter how many challenges or obstacles you face, you are still connected to what you do best. From my experience, my colleagues and clients who do that well, are some of the most successful in the long run.

As we meander into this first summer (almost post-pandemic) long weekend here in the United States, take a few moments to remember you are exactly where you should be.