Vision + Clarity + Execution = Results

Over the past two weeks, I’ve facilitated a half a dozen CEO Strategy Sessions and this is what I know. 

Vision without Clarity creates frustration and keeps you stuck.

Most entrepreneurs have vision but clarity is sometimes difficult to come by.

In helping my clients create plans they like and want to execute, I’ve heard these comments:

“This feels too simple.”

“I might actually get what I’ve been wanting.”

“I’m so energized. That meeting is exactly what I need to get clarity and perspective on my business.”

“I love working with someone who can keep up with me.”

“This is the kind of conversation I haven’t been able to have with anyone else.”

Here’s what’s funny. 

Each of these clients are seasoned entrepreneurs and businesspeople and almost all have advanced degrees (MBA, MA, PhD, etc.) Everyone gets stuck sometimes.  

If you are a Visionary in your business without a full team to help you execute, feeling stuck may happen more often than you’d like. And the more you are the center of getting things done, it can make your work life be and feel complicated.

How do you unwind everything and get to “simple,” “energized,” and “clarity?”

  1. Pare down your list – Brainstorm like crazy and then cut it in half, again and again until you find the few things you can commit to.
  2. Begin – Too many entrepreneurs are not willing to choose a path for fear of making a mistake or running out of options. Cue the Olympics commercial, “You don’t need to be amazing to start, but you do need to start to be amazing.”
  3. Create a plan that works – Research suggests that smaller, doable action steps can get you further than looking for “stretch” effort all the time.
  1. Really want your goals –I’ve seen clients achieve amazing results when they really want something. You may need one or a hundred reasons – but keep your “why” close by. It will help motivate you when you get stuck.

And as one of my clients said to me last week, “Now I get to go to work and make it happen.”