Olympic Business Lessons

Every four years, (or five this year) the Summer Olympics arrive. 

There are sporting events that we only watch during the Olympics (trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and handball) and others where we see some of our favorite athletes grace the world stage.

The 2020 Olympics (I’m guessing there was too much branding to swap everything to 2021) start this week. It is one of the few times that cynicism gives way to extreme awe as we see many of the world’s best athletes compete for an often, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Five years ago, I wrote “Going for Gold – five business lessons from Rio” and frankly, the Olympic “lessons” still hold up. They are:

  • Being “Ready” is a State of Mind
  • The Importance of Vision in Charting Your Path
  • Hard Work or Perseverance is a Key to Success
  • The Importance of Fun in our Work
  • How Elite Performers in Any Field Utilize Coaching

Ultra-competition is an easy metaphor for our businesses as often we are striving at our personal best for better businesses and better lives. Let’s use some of these “lessons” as we finish the second half of 2021!